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Beautiful Girls Stay Together!


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Group Motto: "Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the hearts of maidens."
Group Theme: Baby! Koi ni Knock Out!

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MOMR3 Update

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 23, 2014, 12:51 AM

Welcome everyone to Maidens of Music Room 3!

A group for the fans by the fans of Ouran High School Hosts Club, we have had many changes in the recent months as we have finally had the chance to sit down and make plans that we hope all of you will enjoy. We are in the process of working on making the group even better with new changes and announcements that will help everyone to understand how things are ran in the group along with special project announcements.

We are doing our best to work to get this group on track again. There will be many events planned and there will be special projects that we are going to bring to light. There are changes that we are hoping will help everyone to have a blast and remember at the end of the day it is for fun.

We’ve updated some new rules for all of you to follow, these are very simple and we hope all of you abide by them. We do not want any trouble or anything here. This is a happy place and we want to do our best to make everything fun, happy, safe, and amazing.

• Respect ALL of the maidens, GALS, and Young Missy The first. Do not be rude and if we tell you to do something (ie: resubmit to the right folders, take it to notes, ect) then do so.

• Please respect the members of the group. Do not bash, and/or flame any members of the group. They are here to have fun and they do not want to deal with drama from other people who feel froggy and want to jump.  In laments term we would like everyone to keep their drama to themselves. If you have a problem with someone then please settle it via notes. Do not bring it to the group page.

• Check your attitude at the door. We know some people have days where they will be in a bad mood but do not bring it here. Once you click on the link or group icon all of your attitude is left on the previous page or site you came from. Do not bring it here.

• Please for the love of Kuma-chan, if you have any questions please utilize our note system, Email or Tumblr page.  We don’t bite and no question is stupid.

We have implemented a three-strike rule that is now in effect. We did not want to do it but it had to be done.

• Strike 1: A warning

• Strike 2: A week ban

• Strike 3: Ejection from the group.

If anyone gets up to the third strike and want to be re-admitted into the group then they will have to go before the maidens, GALS, and Young Missy for admittance. They will be on probation for a week.
Don’t be a noob, follow the rules.

Earlier this year we decided to reboot Season 2 as a way to allow guests to have a chance to join in the series. However, we have come to a decision to allow all of you to write your own episodes with a fellow guest rather than waiting on the maidens to join in the session. This is sort of a way to allow people to really stretch your imaginations, focus upon your own character’s developments, and avoiding hindrance by waiting on someone to contribute.  

We know many guests have done this before by themselves and they have had success in doing so. If you do not know how to portray a Maiden, Host or any of the other guests please send them a note and they will be happy to tell you exactly how to get the portrayal to be done properly.  This way it will not hinder progress and it will help to give everyone the chance to use his or her own minds.

We would also like to tell everyone that we would like everyone to choose at least two or three of the maidens that they want their characters to interact with the most rather than only choosing one. This is fair and gives variety to the guest episodes.  Keep this in mind and do not just single out one character for interactions.

We are in the process of preparing the One Hour Specials. This is a redone and condensed version of Season 2 in audio format. Our melodious type is currently in the progress of writing the scripts, arranging the music, and casting the open roles for the cast. She is using two resources for the casting process but we are not at liberty to tell you what they are as per rules of casting. We will make a formal announcement once the revel of the cast.

We are looking for voice actors and actresses who wish to voice their characters.  The process of the audition is a long and tedious one but we know all of you who wish to take part will enjoy joining us.  Here is a guideline on how to audition.

How to Audition

o Send in a recording of yourself (in character of course!) doing  2-3 lines as your character or even do a monologue to the email address listed below.   We will take a listen and we will tell you if you need to redo the line(s) or give you some helpful suggestions.

o Make sure you have a clear microphone free of pops & crackles. Some things can be edited but the pops and crackles usually are the top offenders of drowning out the voices. Make sure your microphone’s volume is high enough for us to hear you but not high enough to cause surprise or fear.

o Another thing is that we want dedicated people who wish to be part of this One Hour Special. We do not want delays because we will also be doing Season 3 in audio drama format if things go properly.

o Keep in mind that once you agree to be part of the production that unless there is a dire need or technological need to drop out then you can do so.

o Send us your auditions to We will be working and evaluating them. Give it your best and we hope you will join us as our fun and energetic cast.

We hope this production will be the most fun and we look forward to working with everyone.

While some of the maidens (tsukinokage,  Roselite,  maakurinohime, IzunaUchiha8341, rozzatheotaku46,& Ms-Who) are voicing their characters.  Three of the other maidens (Aihara-Awayuki, THWT, & MiracleRaverDJMelody) will not be able to voice their characters due to prior commitments.
 We have our Tamaki and Haruhi returning to reprise their roles along with a few newbies who will be announced once they are casted in the other open roles.

tsukinokage is working diligently on the Maidens 4 U concert and we’re expecting it to be released sometime in late August-Early Fall.  We are unsure of how long it will take but we’ll keep everyone posted and Kage will also let everyone know what’s happening with it as time goes on. For now we have a window of late-August-Early Fall. Keep a look out for that and please follow our update journals.
We do have news; there will some special gifts for the concert. We are excited the most about. We are going to try to get them out soon and we will be offering special items for the concert that we will be creating.
So we’ll do our best to make sure that it turns out majorly awesome.  Look forward to it everyone! <3

We know we have tried to be interactive in terms of how the group works but in all honesty, it is hard to do when only a handful of people are the main ones asking for more interactivity. Therefore, that is why we will try to do the forums again rather than running around like commoner chickens with our heads cut off.

So this is why the melodious one has the secondary (back up boards) created. This was not done of her own accord but rather as a precautionary measure in case the original owner of the original boards decided to step down and close them.

This is not mandatory but for those who want to role-play, then they will have to join these boards.  These boards do not only cater to the Ouran fandom but multiple fandoms as well to provide everyone who have varied interests to come together as one.

If you want to join then follow the provided link below. If not then skip over this section and move onto the next section.
Sakura-Kiss Forum:

We are in the process of working on a new series for each of the maidens. Our dear melodious one has created a series of covers for every one of the upcoming projects. Keep in mind these are still works in progress as each maiden has yet to finish her backstory.  So without further ado we present to you the Maidens of Music Room 3 First Meetings cover set (volumes 1-7)

Teal Mermaid  Princess Cover by Aihara-AwayukiHeart Of Nostalgia River Cover by Aihara-AwayukiSunflower Green Tea Cover by Aihara-Awayuki100% Soul Queen by Aihara-AwayukiKitten Sweet Teatime by Aihara-AwayukiEnergetic Otaku Star by Aihara-Awayuki Lone Symphony by Aihara-Awayuki

Each girl’s introductory story will feature them as the center focus as they adjust to Ouran Academy, deal with their reasons for attending, meeting the hosts, and of course meeting the other maidens and making friends.

The maidens’ first meetings series will be posted on and here on Deviantart in PDF format to allow us to use our new format for chaptered fan fiction.  If you want us to create covers for you or if you wish to create covers for the group then please drop us a NOTE via the club’s note system.

We’ll be using PDF from now on unless it is a one shot and then we’ll use Deviantart’s regular text input for fan fiction under 20 pages. If it pushes 20 pages please covert to PDF format.

That’s all the MOMR3 updates for July 23, 2014. We’ll come back with more news as it unfolds.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns please NOTE the group

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T.B.A. Continue watching this Space for more information.
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Again thank you and much love! ^_^

Silver-Fox-Princess ~:heart:~
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